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Ironman AZ Recap Part III

Posted Nov 28 2012 9:32am
Ok so I didn't get these out back to back as I had hoped but still catching up at work which means I've been exhausted by the end of the day!  If you missed it here are the previous two Part I   and Part II .

Run 6:26:10
Apparantly the sunscreen felt gross going on...

This is where the real gut check came (literally and figuratively) I definitely got to know myself really well and did some desperate soul searching.  I had trained more for this Ironman than the last but I have to say the run is where I had trained up the most and I felt the well prepared.  However, this was the only leg that was slower than the last time I did it!  As I had mentioned in my previous post I was dizzy when I got off the bike at transition.  I thought no big deal it will go away and I'll power through, which is what I did on loop 1 of the run.  I jogged most of it and only had to walk a little during some of the aid stations.  At the end of loop 1 I was so excited I was on track to finish the race 2-3 hours faster than last time and my goal had been to finish 1 hour faster.  I also had made up half of the 30 minute gap my dad had put between us on the bike so I knew that meant I'd get to see him soon!

My bro studying between our bike & run loops...

SIL & Bro taking a much needed break..

Loop 2 between the second and third aid station is where it hit me hard.  The dizziness had subsided but a little too late it had caused me to get severely nauseous!  My stomach was not happy with me!  I could feel the blood drain from my face and at first I thought I'd just make a porta potty stop and it'd all be better.  Wrong that didn't help at all.  I tried to sip a little bit of water, wasn't going to stay down, tried to eat a pretzel, made it worse, tried to sip a little bit of soda, my stomach didn't care.  So I walked for a while.  Then as I thought it had subsided I tried to start jogging again.  I even had my dad in my sights but it was just too much too handle I had to walk again.  Every time I'd try to pick up again and jog it would set my stomach off.  I was seeing spots and feeling ill.  I started thinking I haven't noticed where any of the medical tents are.  I started to look around for one.  Then I thought no way I have so many people depending on me, I've made it to half way on the run not much more to go, I can't not get that finishers medal!!!  I kept walking and towards the end of loop 2 I walked along side someone who was on their 3rd loop and almost done but had been experiencing the same race as me.  He had an inner ear infection the week before IM, was given nausea medication but didn't like the side effects so hadn't taken it, did well the first 2 legs, got dizzy off the bike, had been walking it in since lap 2.  He told me not to quit he said if you walk it in you will still finish without getting sick and it's better to finish than to give up.  This gave me hope!  When I saw my husband on the 2nd loop I asked him to walk with me for a minute and I told him what was going on so I told him I'd be slower than expected but that I was going to walk it in and finish!

I also ran (walked) into someone else who was their with his daughter and he was trying to catch up to her.  They had also trained together, for them it was their 1st IM for both.  He had also had a bad bicycle wreck in March right before ramping up training just like my dad.  He caught up to her and said "good luck now go find your dad!"  I found him and he did not look happy.  But looks can be deceiving!  We had a few laughs he kept telling me to go ahead I didn't want to tell him what all was going on I wanted him to concentrate on his race but I told him trust me you aren't holding me back.  I finally gave in and walked ahead.  I kept walk/jogging having to stop whenever I'd get too nauseous.  At this point I was no longer able to hydrate at all I couldn't keep anything down.  But luckily I had hydrated and fueled very well during the bike.  As I rounded the corner in to the finishers shoot I was ecstatic, to think at one point I had actually thought I wouldn't make it here that night!  PShhhh what was I thinking!  I smiled jogged it in forced people to high five me, saw my sister in law and best friend with huge smiles, then my mom, finally my husband waiting at the finishers line.  He quickly whisked me away from the catchers at the finish because I had told him no matter what don't let them take me to the medical tent.  I knew what was wrong and that I'd just need time to recover.  Then I asked if I could stay and wait to be the one to put the finishers medal on my dad.  THEY LET ME!!!  Not even 20 minutes later my dad came running down the finishers shoot!!!! YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!  My dad is a very laid back mellow man that doesn't show much emotion but this is the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face!!!!  I was so proud to put the finishers medal on him!  I new he'd finish because I had to have gotten my stubbornness and determination from somewhere!

He kept saying my feet feel like mush!  I told him it's ok that's normal.  But then when he took off his shoes he had tennis ball sized blister on each foot!  My family had already picked up our bikes and gear bags and had them in the car.  I had the BEST Support crew ever!!!!!  I also know so many people were watching us online and I knew there was no way I could fail with friends and family like this.  So dad "you are an Ironman" at 64 and as he said I have created a monster.  You started me in triathlons by introducing me to Ironkids when I was 11 and I didn't let you leave the triathlon world by introducing you to Ironman! 

Finish time 15:44:22  45 minutes faster than last time for me so just missed my goal by 15 minutes...
Dad's finish time 15:56:14

Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me I appreciate each and every encouraging word you've ever given me.  I told my husband "your wife is a badass!" ;-)  He posted this on his FB "What's that? Your wife is training for a 5k? That's cute, mine just finished her second Ironman..... "  I love that we can both be so proud of each other for our accomplishments.  My mom who has made it as a spectator through two of these and worries way too much about us is a trooper for putting up with our training!  My brother who has inspired me to overcome obstacles and doesn't even know it was there with his wife to see us finish.  When he gave my dad a hug at the finish and the two normally stoic faces broke out into huge smiles that was priceless.  And my best friend who has been at the finish line of EACH of my major milestones as an age grouper was perky as usual.  I can't say thank you enough to everyone!

BFF and her hubs!

Oldest finisher at this year's race 78 from Santa Fe, NM

"You can quite and no one will care, but you will always know."
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