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Improve Upper Body Strength With Inverted Rows

Posted Nov 28 2008 10:09am
Change up your exercise routine the next time you're in the gym by trying the inverted row. It is a good exercise for your back, shoulders and arms.

1. You can do this exercise on a Smith machine. Adjust the bar low to the ground, but not so low that you won't be able to fully extend your arms as you lower your body.

2. With your hands shoulder width apart and palms facing out, grab the bar from a lying position on the ground. Keep your heels on the floor. Keep your torso and legs straight throughout the exercise (brace your torso to keep your core tight). Also, keep your head in line with your torso.

3. Lift yourself up until the bar touches your chest. Lower yourself until your arms are at a 90 degree angle at the elbows. Repeat.

Note: To make this exercise more difficult, put a weighted plate on your chest.

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