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Improve Speed Strength For Football

Posted Dec 02 2009 7:18pm
Speed strength, or how fast your muscles can produce force, is the key to improving your speed and power for football. Just getting stronger will not continually improve your speed and power. You must train your muscles to move faster with the correct motions.

Speed strength is a combination of starting speed, explosive speed (maximum velocity in the shortest time) and reactive speed. Proper training methods will produce the strength, power and speed you will need to succeed in football.

Here are some ways to train your muscles to move faster:

1. Sprinting with maximum effort. You have to train fast to get faster!

2. Do plyometric exercises to improve your power.

3. Do weight training exercises at full speed to improve explosive power.

4. Build muscle mass, especially bulky fast twitch muscle fibers. Exercises like squat, deadlift, pullups, rows and glute/ham drops will build large muscle groups. You need enough strength to enhance your power potential.

5. Improve your dynamic flexibility so your body can move efficiently.

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