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How to have a social life and train for an Ironman.

Posted Oct 08 2012 2:11pm
What the guys did while I trained...
Many times I find myself struggling with this questions "Can I have a social life and train for an Ironman?"  I'm sure you've all seen the video going around that pokes fun at this and we laugh but it's kind of true!  I love my weekends and part of why I love my weekends it's because not only do I get to do my longest workouts but they are usually my best quality workouts.  Sometimes though I find myself struggling with how to fit in training and social engagements outside of that.

Pre Lion King reception
For example, Friday I needed to get a bike ride and a run in but hubs wanted to go to the media opening reception at the Balloon Fiesta Park.  So instead of saying no I commuted to work on my bike, ran during lunch, road my bike from work to Balloon Fiesta Park, attended the dinner a little stinky, then went to a movie that I ate candy during so I wouldn't fall asleep.  The next day we woke up bright and early to try and get in a bike ride before our 2pm show of the musical The Lion King, which was so worth it btw, oh and we needed to actually get there by 1pm because I was lucky enough to score some pre musical reception tickets, oh and we needed to stop by one of his friends' houses to let their dog out.  So not only did I wake up feeling tired and out of it but I was nervous about sticking to schedule.  In light of this I did my 50 miles on the spinner while hubs and dad road 40 out on the road.  I felt guilty like I was cheating a little and threw in a quick 1 mi transition run after.  Sunday was awesome as far as training I got to sleep in until 7:30!!!!  Then took my time waking up and drinking tea and having cereal then went for my 11 mile run and 2 mile swim while they woke up at 4:30 a.m. to go see the balloons.  When I was rushed a little so we could get in all our shopping I said it will happen when and if it happens, because I am getting all of my training in and without being rushed!  So that's what I did and it was glorious!!!  I swam in the outdoor pool for probably the last time this season (it was 58 degrees outside when I got in) and on my run I enjoyed the cooler temps, saw a hot air balloon land in front of me and cheered on some friends who were doing a triathlon on the path next to where I was doing my run!  We still got in all the shopping and I finally got to eat my first full meal of that day around 7pm, needless to say I was STARVING because snacks just don't cut it on a day you burn over 1,500 calories but time flies when you're having fun! 

I had so much fun this weekend and squeezing all my workouts in between doing stuff with friends and family was totally worth it!  So the answer for me is yes, I can have a social life while training for an Ironman.  It just means I am usually exhausted by the time Monday comes around and that I'm just training to finish not to win but I get everything I want out of both experiences this way!  So it really comes down to deciding what your priorities are and schedule accordingly.  Everyone's Ironman journey is different and has a special purpose you have to decide what that's going to be when you start on that path.

Finally got our celebration!  So glad we didn't do a full traditional wedding!
Last weekend - belated wedding reception and training
This weekend - Balloon Fiesta, Lion King, and training
My mom busting a move to Santana!
This coming weekend - Weekend roadtrip to go skydiving with hubs and training (gotta fit in 16 mi running and 85 mi bike ride and we will be staying at 9,000 ft elevation)

Happy Training and Happy Monday!  How do you fit in your workouts?
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