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How To Build An cheap Saints jerseys Impressive Snowman

Posted Dec 11 2012 12:58am
How to Build an Impressive Snowman

SUMMARY: With the right type of snow, building a snowman is simple and a fun way to get out with your family. Here抯 a guide to help you create a work of art in your lawn this Christmas.

Building a snowman is a great family activity during the holidays. It takes teamwork, time and perhaps a little endurance in the cold; the end result is a charming figure you are proud of. Each time you come home your new frosty friend will greet you and replenish the memories made (that is, until it melts). Bob Eckstein, author of The History of the Snowman, traces the first snowman back to the Middle Ages. Despite significant technological advancement in virtually every industry, the technique of snowman building hasn抰 changed much since.


Before you start to build your snowman, you must first check that the snow will be cooperative cheap Giants jerseys. Not all snow is snowman able; it must be packing snow to yield a recognizable shape. You will be able to tell by scooping some of the snow and seeing if it retains shape. Packing snow is moist, usually near its melting point. If snow if freshly fallen, its still in its powder form and will not stick. If you wait too late, the snow will freeze or turn to slush. It抯 like cookie dough: until you add the butter, oil and eggs, it is impossible to form cookies out of the powdered ingredients cheap Saints jerseys. If you add too much liquid, your cookie dough resembles cake batter and does not form into doughy balls that stay in place on the baking sheet. In some areas where snow is not an everyday winter occurrence, packing snow can be rare. When you notice snow is perfect for building a snowman, take advantage of your opportunity before Mother Nature takes it away!

Building the Snowman

Once you抳e determined that the snow is in prime packing form, you can start building your snowman. Here抯 a step by step process for a basic snowman:

1. Pack a ball of snow in your hands (be sure to wear gloves to shield the cold)
2. Continue to pack more snow on your ball until it becomes too large to hold
3. Place the ball of snow on the snow covered ground and start rolling it around
4. Stop to pack the accumulated snow every so often
5. Continue to roll your snowball until it is the size you desire, recommended sizes are approximately:

?2 feet diameter for base
?1 cheap Redskins jerseys? feet diameter for torso
?1 foot diameter for head

6. Align and stack the three completed 搒nowballs? from largest (bottom) to smallest (top)

It抯 a simple process that is much quicker and more enjoyable as a team effort. Now that you have your snowman outline, it抯 time to move on to the details that give your snowman personality.

Finishing Touches

Your faceless snowman is begging for some personality. Use coal, buttons, stones, googly eyes or anything small and round for your snowman抯 eyes. Or, cover his eyes with some hip sunglasses. The same materials may be used to form your snow friend抯 mouth, or twigs also suffice. Use a carrot for a nose, and place any type of hat or upside down pot atop his head. Twigs can be inserted into his torso for arms, and you may even add buttons to dress him up a bit.

These directions are simple and yield a good looking snowman that will cheer up your neighborhood. But who knows ? if you practice your snowman building skills, your snowman could be the season抯 best  cheap Jets jerseys
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