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Heating & Cooling is important for any sport

Posted Aug 22 2010 6:43pm
Yesterday, following completion of the activity in the office.  Me and my friends doing sports activities are playing futsal. Futsal, sports indoor soccer, is now increasingly popular in big cities of Indonesia. This sport allows a narrow land area with facilities that provide almost similar to grass soccer field. Futsal is a solution for large cities which limited the area open. Even futsal has competed internationally recently.

Playing futsal really exciting, everyone can follow it just by renting a futsal field which is now widely available, one of them, in Medan City. No need to be an expert first to follow this sport, even widely used for socializing events only.

But nevertheless futsal is a need to exercise proper handling, especially in implementation. Because one-one wants to make the disease even healthy. It is important to pay attention to start from the costumes (especially shoes) and heating, and cooling game.

To avoid injury to the muscles important for futsal players warming up, stretching before the game and also cooling after the game.

Heating, especially in the foot before doing heavy exercise can help prevent injuries. Mild movements during the 30-10 minutes will warm up the muscles so the muscles more flexible and resistant to injury.

Cooling is reduced gradually before exercise training is stopped. For example with a jog. Cooling to prevent the occurrence of a headache by keeping the blood flow. If heavy exercise was stopped abruptly, blood will be collected in the leg veins and temporarily reduce blood flow to the head. Refrigeration also helps remove metabolic wastes (such as lactic acid from muscle), but the cooling does not seem to prevent sore muscles the next day, which is caused by damage to muscle fibers.

Stretching exercises do not seem to prevent injury, but it serves to extend the muscles so that muscles can contract more effectively and work better. To avoid muscle damage due to stretching, stretching should be done after the warm-up or after exercise, and each stretch was held for 10 count.

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