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Happy Women in Sports Day!!

Posted Feb 06 2013 2:55pm
My husband is the one who alerted me to this awesome day!!  As I was driving to work this morning he left me a voice mail that I heard when I got in.  Talk about an awesome way to start the day, I have to admit I almost got a little teary eyed.  The gist of his message was that he had just heard on the radio that it was National Women in Sports Day or Women Athletes day and he wanted to tell me thank you for inspiring him and others.  This meant a lot to me and yes I am bragging about what an awesome husband I have! :-)

So I looked it up and found this article that talks a little bit about it.

- National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) will be observed on Wednesday, Feb. 6, to focus on the accomplishments of women athletes and the increasing number of women involved in athletics since the passage of Title IX, the federal regulation that increased revenues for women’s sports in schools.

I have been inspired by many women in sports over the years.  I've often thought if she can do it so can I!  So thank you to all of you who have inspired me to keep going.  I hope to help inspire others too!!  So pass it along, spread the energy and go get an extra hard workout in today to celebrate!!!

 Thanks to my mom for inspiring me to be a strong woman and following what ever it is that I want to do no matter what others think!!!  She has been active her whole life in one form or another.

Just the other day I was telling a story to at my 1st 5k class about how I went with my mom to a local 5k race and she entered it intending to walk.  So at the finish line I thought I'd have to wait around for a while.  Before I new it I saw her speeding to the finish line.  I asked "What happened?"  She said I just got so excited and everyone around me was running, that I jogged every once in a while!  I don't know where all her energy comes from but I'm glad she has it!!


  Thanks to all my friends who have kept me going through out the years and made it fun to participate in sports!!!!!!

Who inspires you?
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