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Happy Friday!

Posted Jan 13 2012 10:47am
Today gets 2 Friday videos, you will see why in a second...

Video #1 Yes, this video does exist at first I thought it was an urban legend but it's out there.  From what I've heard of the story it's a rich girl who's parents couldn't say no and they paid someone to produce a music video with her in it.  Now apparently she has a record deal but mainly because the video went viral due to how bad it was.... What do you think?

Video #2 just for the heck of it and it really is Friday!
I'm super excited because one of my good friends is flying in tonight and we have some runs planned and some celebrating planned!!

On another not so happy note my dad had to go in for surgery yesterday to have his gallbladder removed.  This isn't a super invasive surgery and usually goes very smoothly.  They decided to keep him overnight and this morning he is quite cranky.  I don't blame him one bit.  Apparently there was a lot of scarring due to a past surgery when they had removed his appendix and it meant they had to dig around in there a lot longer and means he is in a lot of pain this morning.  They told him he can't run for about 4-6 weeks.  But with some rest and good nutrition he should be back on track for Ironman training soon!  He's not letting this hold him back.  You can do it dad!

To end on a happy note my brother is getting married.  He got engaged the night before New Year's Eve and they were so excited they decided to get married at the end of this month!  I am very happy for them and apparently quick, VERY small weddings, is now a family tradition, my parents, me, and now my brother!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Happy Running!
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