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Get discounts on athletic gear online

Posted Sep 14 2012 7:15am

For ages now sports has played a crucial role in our lives. Everyone enjoys sports. Everyone loses themselves in sports. Players and athletes who compete against one another representing their nations respectively compete quite aggressively but at the same time, once their day at the office is over, they share a beer in a pub having a laugh or two. That is the nature of every sport in general.

Sports in general, irrespective of what kind of an activity or event it is, are generally quite great by nature. It develops great character and personality in those who pursue it. It strengthens him physically and more importantly mentally to almost face any obstacle in life that is put in front of him. Athletic events are one such sport which every nation cherishes. It is a not a team sport entirely unlike football or cricket but it is a nation sport nonetheless. The pride of his/her country depends upon the performance of the athlete who represents the nation.

Olympics are the home event hosting both track as well as field events. Hough both the categories fall under athletic events they are quite different from the nature in which they are played. Track events predominantly involve the track. 100 meters dash, 200 meters dash, 400 meters dash, 1600 meters dash, hurdles, relay event etc. Relay event is predominantly a team event where a set of runners representing one nation will compete against another nation for glory. Field events on the other hand are entirely different. It has a specification of the field definition. Swimming, weight lifting, javelin throw, shot put, discus throw, basket ball, carrom, boxing, gymnastics etc all come under field events.

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