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G form Elbow Pads Provide Complete Protection & Comfort Economically

Posted Dec 24 2012 9:15am

Injuries are an important part any adventurous sport and no one can deny that the accidents are a big yes during performing the stunts. Head, knee, elbow, shoulders, ankle or different other body parts are highly prone to dangers. Hence, the most important thing while performing these actions is the use of adequate protective gear. Sometimes young sport lovers wear helmet, shoes etc but neglect to wear elbow or knee pads. Wearing elbow pads is very necessary in order to play safe. Whether you love to do mountain biking or skiing, skateboarding, longboarding or other action sport, the chances of experiencing an elbow injury are really good. By wearing a certified and durable elbow pads, you can ensure your safety even after meeting with a serious accident. G-form Elbow Pads are the advanced protective gear for elbows which has been designed to protect the riders over mountain.

The new and improved G-Form Elbow Pads utilize RPT™ – Reactive Protection Technology for a better protection and additional comfort. This technology is the composite blend of PORON® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form material. This hi-tech protective gear has amazing impact absorption capabilities which ensure dependable performance throughout the life of the elbow pad.

The young riders also refuse or hesitate to wear the protective pads due to the fact that some of the devices proves very uncomfortable and do not give proper fit. The case is not same with G-Form Elbow Pad, which is highly flexible, molded and exoskeleton rate-dependent impact pads designed to fit the requirements of every rider. While the equipment is worn on the outside of the sleeve, the ridges and hinges of this elbow pad are exclusively designed to flex with the elbow as well as arm to provide you enhanced protection. The well-known property of the device is its ability to withstand repeated impacts which is not possible with any bicycle helmet. Its ability to keep intact its protective qualities even after repeated use, makes it a perfect choice for a number of action sports.

The G form elbow pad is designed under the supervision of the therapists. It is molded & shaped in a unique way, further it is well attached to the compression fabric to keep the pad close to the surface of the body. This special design and construction provide enhanced protection to the body while ensuring additional comfort.

Proving a bit more economic for you, this pad can be worn in warm as well as cold weather and on top or underneath the regular clothing. You can also wash and wear it regularly as the G form elbow pads offer overwhelming warranty.

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