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Former heavyweight boxing world champion Mike Tyson says he wants to hang out with Aboriginals

Posted Aug 31 2012 3:59am

Tyson went from singing and laughing to sombre reflection in Nike NFL Jerseys 2012 a rambling and bizarre 33-minute teleconference on Thursday to publicise his November "Day of the Champions" speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Convicted rapist Tyson is still waiting to be granted a visa to both countries.

Tour promoter Max Markson rattled off a list of over a dozen countries Tyson had been allowed to enter and said the visa application to Australia had been lodged.

"I'm waiting patiently, hopefully for it to be approved. I think Australians - we've got a history of we forgive," Markson said from Las Vegas.

Tyson made it clear to New Zealand journalists where he stood on the issue of visiting their country.

"I'm not going to sit here and beg to come to your Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey country, sorry," Tyson said.

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"If I can't come, I can't come. That will be my misfortune but I don't want to feel like I'm on trial when I come to your country."

He deflected questions about his private life saying he would answer them at his six Australasian shows where ``we talk about anything, nothing is off limits.''

Tyson is clearly no fan of the Klitschko brothers who currently dominate the heavyweight division and believes boxing is anachronistic compared to other combat sports.

"Don't you think boxing is so 19th century now, with the MMA and all that stuff?," Tyson said.

He said he was too selfish to appreciate he had inspired many younger fighters and the 46-year-old American dismissed any suggestion he would return to the ring, saying it would destroy his family.

"No way, I'm not that person anymore. If I was that person, I couldn't have my family," Tyson said.

Tyson remains friends with Australian three-division Kansas City Chiefs Jersey world title winner Jeff Fenech, who was his trainer for his last fight with Kevin McBride seven years ago.

"He's the greatest boxer Australia has produced," Tyson said of Fenech, who he saw in Las Vegas earlier this week.

He was only too well aware of the risks every boxer takes when they enter the ring.

"Every fighter knows when we sign that contract we could die," Tyson said.

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