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Fashion types of sports shoes is Photo blue 9s price

Posted Oct 30 2012 9:01am

The types of sports shoes is very large, many sports has its relative shoes, classification method for Angle different and different, but basically has two kinds: one, attribute classification,the most common running shoes varieties, in the support and damping between too much emphasis on and shock performance. The foot feels aspects relative stable better, but its stability is bad, support degree have decreased, suitable for shock to higher demand friend wearing, suitable for varus and normal foot.relatively see more varieties, suitable for general terrain conditions are not complicated mountaineering or traffic is relatively poor condition. and divided into:
1, functional sports shoes
The market of sports shoes according to function  Jordan gold medal pack for sale can be subdivided into basketball shoes, jogging shoes, football shoes, tennis shoes, limit shoes, harness training shoes, aerobic WuDaoXie, comfortable equipment shoes, etc. Basketball shoes and can be divided into strength and speed type. Tennis shoes may be divided into soil field shoes and glue field shoes. Running shoes can be divided into long running shoes and sprint shoes and so on. The above is only very simple classification, and the more detailed classification, the need for each kind of movement for the. Specific: table tennis, badminton, soccer, volleyball, high jump, bicycle,  cheap authentic air jordan 9 for sale extreme sports, and so on, will have to belong to their respective project of professional sports shoes.
Professional sports shoes mainly has basketball shoes and football shoes, etc > > >
A, basketball shoes has two kinds, one kind is sole texture level, suitable for indoor basketball wear, price moderate, Another kind is in the original foundation add air cushion,  Jordan Retro 11 Concord For Sale prevent torsional function of ankle play a role to strengthen, the price is higher. General basketball shoe shoe of non-slip performance is very good, most of the sole and ground. There are basketball shoes shoelace punched a lot, insoles is thick.
B, football shoes design from sole to shoe surface are playing football design. Football sole department have nail bottom, and shoes look smaller, retro 9 kilroy  shoes front part have increase friction cushion or texture, used to shot.
C, as for ordinary activists, such as like jogging, can buy a pair of jogging shoes, this kind of shoes shoe is by EVA and rubber outsole synthesis, portable and comfortable, sole design rules and massive body design, grain is deeper, a grip, driving force.
D, other
And opposite at these classification, because of its motion form of different, shoes functional nature also has very many different, such as basketball shoes, it is pay attention to ankle protection, start power and buffer shock absorption, and other functions, and is subdivided, power will pay more attention to ankle protection and buffer shock absorption effect, and speed type is pay attention to start power, etc. Tennis shoes emphasize grasp to sex and shoes support sex. Running shoes is pay attention to light, the ventilation and parcel feeling etc...
In fact, if in this respect are interested, as to study all kinds  Pre Order jordan 9 Olive of sports properties, you can know more about sports brands in order to help each project athletes, what are the protection and promotion measures, so also it will be much easier to understand the functional sex of the sports equipment and the difference.

Generally speaking, this kind of shoes in the isolation of lay particular stress on from sole due to uneven force as a result of the impact, so the foot feels is hard, is not suitable for the road or the road and even better (catch land shortage and wear serious). Domestic monopoly more see. rare running shoes varieties, general and applicable and flat foot people comfort is higher. The mainland monopoly is quite rare, about to go to Hong Kong more professional running shoes shop may be available.5. Light stability type: the birth of two varieties, more typical asics is famous kinsei Venus series, its essence is to shock type and stabilizing cheap olympic 7 for sale  combined a running shoes, these shoes in Brooks and suo kangni have, just as only Venus is can be bought in China, so the most famous. This kind of shoes test properties more concentrated some, such as the Venus generation of design was introduced in the latest k15 asics.

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