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Enhance Your Workouts With Plyometrics

Posted Nov 23 2012 1:10am
Plyometric training is used to increase the explosive power of muscles groups to improve athletic performance. Athletes often use this type of training to increase the explosiveness of their movements, such as jumping required in basketball. Plyometric training is different from traditional strength training exercise because it is performed quickly and explosively cheap Steelers jerseys. Fast twitch muscle fibers are strengthened by rapid extension and contraction of muscles. With plyometric training there is the eccentric phase, involving the a rapid muscle stretch, followed by the concentric phases, which involves the rapid shortening of the same muscles. Rapid squat thrusts,jumping rope, push ups, and rapid lunges are examples of plyometric exercises.Consider plyometrics to improve your athletic ability.Several studies suggest that plyometrics can greatly improve athletic performance in terms of vertical jumps, long jumps, sprinting, cycling, basketball, kickboxing, and many more. Research also indicates that two types of plyometric exercises performed twice a week can enhance performance within two months. Performing four sets of plyometric push ups every other day will produce an increase in upper body strength and explosiveness. Plyometric workout routines will really give a boost to your athletic performance.Although plyometric exercises are beneficial, fitness trainers don't like to recommend them to some customers due to the risk of injury. However, the development of injury can be reduced by performing warm-ups and following safety precautions cheap Cowboys jerseys. To avoid injury, when performing vertical jumps, make sure you land on your toes first before you heal lands and use footwear with adequate cushioning. Until you are accustomed to these types of plyometric exercises it may behoove you to use a personal trainer, to avoid injury.Minor injuries occurring during intense training sessions are fairly common. Individuals who encounter this kind of circumstance can consult doctors for possible treatments. Rest, ice, and compression are some of the remedies that can be used to treat minor injuries. The use of anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy will most often cure most sports injuries. One of the pain relievers that has gained the approval of health professionals is Tramadol, a synthetic pain reliever that is scientifically proven to treat various kinds of pain. Tramadol side effects are milder compared to other pain relieving drugs out in the market cheap Giants jerseys. The other common pain relievers commonly used are acetaminophen, naproxen, and ibuprofen. Of course if your pain persists in a particular joint or muscle group for more than two weeks, you should consult an orthopedic physician, because your injury may not be of a temporary nature. For cases where you have inflamed muscles or joints, use an anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or naprosyn.Most injuries will not develop if you warm up before exercise and use proper technique cheap Browns jerseys. These exercise will only be beneficial in the long run if they are done sensibly and with the use of the proper technique. 
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