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E-Waste Collection Day

Posted Dec 08 2012 3:10am
Mens North Face Gore Tex 3 in 1 Jackets Green Anthony Garcia from Patagonia north face jackets for men Ventura's I.T. department, shares this story about an e-waste collection day he coordinated back in July: Think back to the day you walked into the office and those nice folks from the I.T. department had visited your desk during the night. What do you see in front of you but a new computer and the latest and greatest flat-screen monitor. You are in heaven as you mouse around and are amazed at the speed of the computer and the vibrant colors of the new screen. Fast forward three maybe four years: oh, how that feeling has changed. You wonder how you are expected to get anything done on this dinosaur of a computer they have you working on. And how are you supposed to see any detail on this tiny 17” screen? Don’t they know that you are going to need at least a 22” flat screen to keep from straining your eyes north face summit series? Such is the life expectancy of new computer equipment north face jacket sale. It’s a scenario that happens day-in and day-out at tens of thousands of offices around the world, and the same one that I am faced with working in the I.T. department at Patagonia. Granted, we do our best to extend that lifespan as long as we possibly can, and we probably get more years out of our computer equipment than most companies do. Eventually though, that computer system does have to be discarded.


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