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Dizzy Spells and Winner!!

Posted Nov 08 2012 12:11pm
So I did do the drawing for my giveaway yesterday as promised but I didn't get around to posting the winner yesterday due to going to the doctor and having dizzy spells.  But have no fear I am posting the winner today.  After tallying up the FB & Blogger entrants I used to draw a number for me and I am happy to say the winner is:  Run With Jill! !!!


Email me the size shirt you want and your mailing address at  For those of you who entered and didn't win the prize pack if you'd like a sticker send me your mailing address and I'll send you one!!  If you missed out don't forget to check it out

Now for the dizziness just writing this post is hard because staring at my computer screen is making me a little nauseous but I really don't want to take the meds the Doc gave me because he said to only take it if necessary and if I can deal with it on my own to do that.  The night before last the room started spinning when I'd flip sides while sleeping.  It happened quite a few times and so I woke up feeling really nauseous.  Today it's better no spinning rooms but I still feel weird or woozy and sudden movements or staring at my computer is making it a little worse.  Luckily he said it was viral which means it should go away in about 1 week and I should be better in time for the Ironman!  Why do I always get sick during taper??!!!  And why is it always something weird?  Turns out someone at work had this last week and that's probably how I got it.  I'll keep the meds in my IM special needs bags just in case cause I don't know how I can swim or ride my bike feeling like this.  I know I could run like this but that's at the end.  So here's hoping to a speedy recovery!

Happy Training!  I'm out of commission for two days or so :-(
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