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Discus and all you’ll ever need to know about it

Posted Jun 12 2012 10:28am

Discus Throw is one among the most interesting events in track and field sports. It has been widely accepted and lots of countries participate in the event with a lot of pride in the holy Olympics. And when I say track and field sports it is a generalized statement and event which involves the track are track events. They include varying meters dash or race, hurdles and relay. Events which don’t involve a track and has a separate field for it to be conducted are field events. They include long jump, high jump, shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, weight lifting, gymnastics, archery, shooting etc.

Discus Rules:

Training Discus

The Discus: The discus body can be made out of wood or other suitable material. It should have a circular edge along with a metal rim and it could be solid or hollow. It should have a diameter of 22 cms for men and 18 cms for women. It should weigh not above 2kgs for men and 1 kg for women respectively. The finishing of the discus should be circular and smooth although it can have identical edges on both the sides.

The Cage: The cage should be prepared and enclosed in such a way that it should be able to arrest the flight of the discus. Besides, there should be no threat to the athlete due to ricocheting or rebounding who stands inside the cage to attempt his throw. The shape of the cage must be a ‘U’. The width of the mouth of the cage should be 6 meters while in front of the middle of the throwing circle it should be 7 meters. There has to be netting around the cage to avoid the discus from attacking the audience.

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