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Cheap RONALDO Real Madrid Home Jersey

Posted Mar 29 2013 12:44am

Although News:Juve or sale would raise 50 million funding Belgium 4 internationals into a new target this season's Serie A journey is not over yet, but as the defending champions Juventus final completion of the high likelihood of even the village, and strive to obtain even better record in the Champions League for the continuation of the team leading position in the domestic arena, The Bianconeri bound in the summer transfer window to adjust the existing lineup. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, "said Juve intention to sell vidal, Matri and Quagliarella and would like to take the recovery of 45 million to 50 million euros transfer funds. Gazzetta dello Sport: Juve or sacrifice top Jiang Yuan 3 will be from the "Gazzetta dello Sport," the message said, Italy on the 28th evening local time, vidal broker Fernando - 费里塞维奇 will arrive in Italy, its this The purpose of the visit in addition to the possible return to Serie A with Juventus and Inter consultation Sanchez with Juventus executives will discuss the fate of Vidal. Chile striker is still the Bianconeri midfield main players, but he is no longer the sale may not be assigned, including the European giants Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain have the intention to introduce him, Juve attitude To take away Vidal, to come up with at least more than 30 million euros transfer fee. As Juve squad worth one of the tallest player on the balance of offensive and defensive strength vidal no shortage Thomas Muller Jerseys of suitors, and with the growth of France Nova Bo Geba, Vidal's location is no longer unshakable, and Ghana star Asamoah same can competent middle, native Sampdoria midfielder Polly is also very likely to vote in the end of the season. This makes Juve transfer Vidal become possible. While outside, Quagliarella and Matri will also become a two weight Juve this summer cash. Although the two local striker worth Bibidaer, but intends to introduce their teams are also many, only March, there will be Dayton Nie Sike miners, Florence, West Ham United, Wolfsburg and Fenerbahce other teams rumored Quagliarella; Matri also optimistic Serie A club in Naples, Rome and Florence. If these three frontcourt players sold, the Juve transfer of funds in exchange for 45 million to 50 million euros. The smooth exchange for the funds expected Bianconeri's summer signings will become more at ease, while Juve scouts to further the goal of reinforcing the team is also actively solicited. According to Gazzetta dello Sport revealed from Juventus and Inter Milan scouts appeared in local time Tuesday, Belgium's World Cup Qualifier against Macedonia scene Bianconeri object of concern, including four active Belgian internationals - Ajax defender Alder Weileierde (Toby Alderweireld), PSV Eindhoven winger Moteng Si (Dries Mertens), the Twente Frontal chudleigh (Nacer Chadli) and Aston Villa center Ben the Turk the (Christian Benteke) or missed 11 people in Brazil's World Cup super array C Luo Cheap Spain Soccer Jersey led Bell + Iraqi contingent in Brazil in 2014 World Cup qualifiers to go before the end of November of this year, the qualifying race in six continents, is basically already more than half, from the just concluded two World Cup is not difficult to see In addition to England, there are more teams have superstars into a qualifying predicament, the "Post" specially named its most likely missed the Brazil World Cup 11 array, many of whom are C Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cavani such a superstar and Bell. Post: C Luo led or missed the Brazil World Cup 11 people strong array jpg Goalkeepers: Petr Cech (Czech Republic), Chelsea's number one goalkeeper has been regarded as one of the best goalkeeper in the world, but in the Czech national team, despite him as captain, but now it has ranked in the European zone World Cup Group B is likely to play in the World Cup again after 2010. Right back: Ivanovic Seville (Sevilla) easily qualified for the World Cup in South Africa, but Ivan there is now likely to join the ranks of the Chelsea team-mate Petr Cech Sevilla in Group A Points less than Belgium and Croatia 9 points, if nothing unexpected playoff eligibility may barely. In Defenders: Pepe (Portugal), Real Madrid backcourt core array of Portuguese national team may be one of a few big players missed the World Cup in Brazil, Portugal Replica DAVID VILLA La Liga Barcelona Jerseys 12/13 and now only ranked in Group F Group 3, the same is likely to miss the World Cup in Brazil. The central defender: Agger (Denmark) The Danish team in the World Cup has always been outstanding qualifying performance, but it seems that this time is an exception, the Danish team in the group matches only got 6 points, ranking even lower than the same group of Czech a. Left back: Bertrand Cohen (Portugal) in the weekend draw with Israel, Portugal already falling to third in the group, if Portugal do not work hard, he wants to wait until 2018 have the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. Midfielders: Erickson Erickson (Denmark) is now Europe's hottest talent, Ajax rookie exactly shine in the 2012 European Cup, but the Danish team fell into the outlet predicament he will likely have to do the walls of the concept. Midfielders: Asamoah (Ghana) outside Europe, Ghana is most likely to miss the World Cup in Africa strong teams in Ghana, where the group, only one team can qualify for the World Cup in Brazil, currently leading in Zambia, which means forward to Juve players may miss next year's World Cup. Right wing: C Ronaldo (Portugal) as one of the two stars of world football, C Ronaldo missed the World Cup in Brazil caused by the loss of self-evident, although the overall strength of the Portuguese team, even rounded out Cheap RONALDO Real Madrid Home Jersey the Brazil World Cup it is difficult to as, but better to go than not go strong. Left winger: Bell (Wales) in the past years, another Welsh winger Ryan Giggs to occupy this position, and now turn to his successor Bell Wales in the European zone World Cup Group A ranked 4th in the Tottenham to Rounds and rumors basic can determine is expected to join Real Madrid this summer, Bell has bid farewell to the World Cup next year. Forwards: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) Sweden 2 wins, 2 draws and is unbeaten in four games of the World Cup, but they came in Group 3, although they are the same points with Austria, but the 31-year-old Paris Saint-Germain striker there is still likely to miss the World Cup next year. Forwards: Cavani (Uruguay) Uruguay in the last World Cup got 3, but now they are ranked No. 6 in the South American qualifiers, to Distance the playoff qualification worse two points, which means big break in Serie A striker Cavani am afraid to play in the World Cup. Bench: Hernandez (Mexico) Mexico 3 Halo 3 level in the North American qualifier ranked in the first five Fortunately the Pai Tau name of Panama, but only 5 points, Mexico, have the opportunity to come from behind, but small peas must encourage his teammates to come up with the fighting spirit and morale of the Red Devils.

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