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Champions League powers cold invasion and Manchester United, Barcelona win over Chelsea Juventus capsize

Posted Oct 24 2012 2:14am

Tortuous process, but the three giants, after all, to get the win, compared with Group E the two giants Chelsea and Juventus gutter

capsize. Ukraine, the tournament defending champion expedition were miners tenacious blocking, just over half of the game will be 0-2, just

by virtue of the Oscar goal modesty; said Lu Siqie library team combat power is impressive home game, Chelsea defeated extenuating Juve

tough draw in Champions League novices in North Zealand is more popular taste, the Danish team's tenacious apparently caught by surprise the

Bianconeri. For Juve, who can not get the three points in the weakest of the North Zealand body, it can be said with defeat no difference.

Day of competition will be staged the same field strength of the so-called dialogue game in the cold tonight already let all giants scared

into a cold sweat, perhaps this is how much sounded the alarm will give other teams as Milan, Porto and Paris Saint Germain. Chelsea clinch

Champions League last season, owner Roman Abramovich was determined to another method. Bid farewell to the number of violent macho Drogba,

Michael Essien, Chelsea, the former leader of the field has become the delicate three on Discount Custom Football Shirt the 10th. Mata, Azar and Oscar, three talented,

movers and shakers in the Premier League. War tonight with Shakhtar Donetsk, but they also lost in each other strong gas field, Star is no

longer shiny. Chelsea frontcourt three on the 10th, in the general performance and Shakhtar Donetsk in a war, although Oscar continuation of

the goal, but Azar unfortunately become a sinner. The third round of the Champions League in full swing. War at the top of Group E, Chelsea

guest Shakhtar Donetsk. Before the two sides with four points, Chelsea ranked first on goal difference advantage. On the opening stages of

the second half, Shakhtar Donetsk twice blitz broke Chelsea by Oscar recovered a ball in the 88th minute, and ultimately the Blues 1-2 away

loss to rivals lost his team the top spot. The Blues Dream nuclear status hottest recent undoubtedly Mata. As the best player of the last

season, the Blues squad, Mata finally found in international competitions in the future state, the last round of league almost single-

handedly reversed in Tottenham, solid Chelsea in London throne. But a war in the field with the miners, Mata fell into silence. Focus on

care of the Olympique Lyon Shirts other midfielder and defender the Mata audience actually not a shot came off only 1 key ball, completely complex the courage of

the few races. Bi Mata more tragedy Azar. The DiMatteo first sacrifice Azar comeback, when team vice Lampard. Way back in the beginning of

the season, when Matta the truce, Oscar not yet flash, the Blues almost relying Azar a man Lien Chan Jie. But just two months Azar became

one of the three nuclear status of the most unstable. The game, Lampard accidentally limped, Azar "accident" early to go into the stage, but

to wait for him, but only depressed and helpless. 52 minutes of the second half, Mikel with ball surrounded grab allocated around Azar

helpless under the ball, which is also the lack of preparation, Fernandez HDY steals, and take advantage of the rapid counterattack score

expand to 2-0. Azar know that a big mistake, the next game began a frenzied attack, but whether it is a long-range single-handedly, failed

to break the fingers off of Pia Rostov. The whole game hit Azar 5 shot 4 feet, are the Blues squad, but unfortunately eventually be regarded

as losing sinners. Three on the 10th, the FABREGAS Barcelona 2012-2013 Shirt field is the only flash or Oscar. Following the the Juve door after the last round of the

Champions League 2 feet world wave break, Oscar this field continues goals shipped. Outflank break, he's in front in the 88th minute it was

once for Chelsea equalized hope. However, the results of the competition this goal or something somewhat later. Moreover, in addition to the

goals, the Oscar the field of play is not enough eye-catching, and compared to the other frontcourt skilled with Oscar failed and Mata, Azar

were not even on the line, did not give the center Torres Manufacturing opportunities. In the Premier League, Chelsea's three No. 10 has a

clear technological advantage, the Premier League so far is still the hot topic invincible hand. But at the same time, if these three

players at the same time starter, also has a small hidden, after all, Zhong rely Mikel man guards the pass is clearly not enough. In

addition, the Blues current single arrow Torres is still in the doldrums, the winter transfer market is likely to be looking for his helper.

DiMatteo changed to two-striker formation, three on the 10th, it was inevitable to make sacrifices.

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