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C-Clear For Sports Safety

Posted Oct 10 2012 7:52pm
The anti fog spray is used in the camera lenses to check for the water droplets, And they are first used by NASA personnel. The spray reduces the surface tension for the defogged treatment and acts like wearing a helmet. When the spray is applied they form a single layer on the surface that creates the similar effect. Any type of the fogging can be defogged with the help of the anti fog that also avoids the visibility. While taking some photographs in the hill station areas you can come across the problems in the camera where you can use this type of the gel or the spray for the effect. They can also be used in the air craft and the windows so that the fog does not interpret the driver while driving. Before finding these products the shaving gel and the soap lather is used to serve the same purpose. It is tough during the race so that you can move with the windshield option. People find it hard to clean the misty windows in the vehicle and in  the house so you can use the anti fog detergent to wipe the glass panel.


The main advantage of the spray is that they does not have any harmful chemicals present in them, that affects the skin and the surface. Many types of the vision problems can be reduced greatly by using the anti fog solution. You can spray it and then use the protective eye wear to avoid the moisture content present in the material. There are many interesting benefits associated with using  the spray. The lens material must not have any damage with the effective criterion. Different types of the solution can be used for the variety of the materials. Some people get irritation by using these cream, you can also save the expensive eye wear. The automatic windscreen will have the problems for the visibility touch by spreading the liquid s a thin film on the surface.

Anti Fog Treatments

There are three types of the popularly used treatments like liquid based in which the soft cloth is used to apply the liquid by rubbing, the wax method has to be drilled with the holes and the final method is the pin lock system. C-Clear usually happens in the moisture content areas, the coating can be provided according to the water droplets in the surface. Titanium dioxide is the chemical used in the anti fog spray treatment or with the gel. The ultraviolet rays can also be avoided without affecting the attractive surface, you have to get the quality branded product otherwise it causes roughness in the body. The Goggles and the military mask are prone to the gel by capturing the safety measures for the plastic material. If you order for the anti fog spray online you will provided with the PDF file to follow the instructions, the usage is very simple and you can make it by yourselves.
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