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Build A Powerful, Athletic Body, #5

Posted Oct 10 2008 1:07pm
Read this last article carefully........

Phase 4 - Post-Season Training

After the season, you need to recuperate physically and mentally. Active rest is often used for this purpose. For instance, a football player might enjoy playing basketball in the off-season. This allows you to stay in relatively good shape and begin the next phase of training fresh and healthy. You can also make greater physical gains and have a better season the next year.

Parents and coaches of middle school and high school athletes: your kid or player needs a break of at least 1 month....year-round playing of one sport is not good! And, playing 2 sports at one time is hard on a player's body! Alot of kids burnout on playing sports before they reach high school. There are more and more kids getting surgeries like Tommy John surgery (elbow ligament tears) because of overuse. Before, you only saw this type of surgery done on college and professional baseball players.

After you have recuperated, you can then begin your off-season strength and power training program. Notice, I didn't say to play your sport---JUST TRAIN!

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