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Broker: World of Warcraft do not renew their contracts with any team to hold their own

Posted Jan 31 2013 1:26am

Broker: World of Warcraft do not renew their contracts with any team to hold their own


After the news, Dwight - Howard has already done the preparation of joining the Lakers, and if they are traded to the Lakers, he is willing to renew their contracts for many years after the end of the 2012-13 season and the Lakers. Dwight's agent, told ESPN in an interview today made it clear that Howard will not be any teams renew their contracts, including the Los Angeles Lakers, and even the Brooklyn Nets.

"From the end of last season to now, Howard's position has not changed." Agent Dan - Fagan said, "He tends to the end of next season to become an unrestricted free agent, select the team you want, whether any team traded for him, he will not renew their contracts, including the Brooklyn Nets. "

According to sources, the Nets never stressed that Howard will agree to join after renewal, Nets president Billy - King confirmed the news via SMS.

Howard told the Magic general manager Bob - Hennigan roots, compared to the other teams, the Brooklyn Nets is they most want to join the team. Earlier this month, between Orlando and the Nets repeated discussions, to discuss the issues joined by Howard, but after the Charlotte Bobcats threatened to compete for the Nets center Brook - Lopez, the Nets out of the transactions to discuss, and provide Lopez top salary contract extension. It also declared the Nets this year's competition for Howard's plans come to nothing.

Lopez will become the key to a Nets in the next period of time, he signed a four-year $ 61 million contract.

Since then, the Los Angeles Lakers became the main force in trading Howard, Houston Rocketscheap jerseys

 From  and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been involved in finding interests. The Magic hope that the reward for a lot of first-round draft picks, young talent players.

ESPN's Larry Coon, said Howard after the transaction may agree to contract extension with the maximum period of three years, but if he and other current contract expires, he will receive up to five years, 108 million contract.

Beijingearly this morning, the RealGM reporter Jarrod - Rudolf revealed that Howard the idea of ??a renewal of the Lakers, the Bureau of the outside world, said Rudolph and Mr Howard is very good, high message reliability. According to reports, the Lakers have been well prepared for this deal but they first need to get Howard to agree to continued a long- Outside the original Howard have the opportunity to play for the Lakers very excited and agreed to after the end of the 2012-13 season with the Lakers renew their contracts. Fagan rumor let this farce continues.

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