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Border Collie historical origin

Posted Dec 14 2012 8:55am

In the fifth Century BC to the first Century BC, many Celtic ( Celtic ) in Europe moved around, including three men of Sert came to Ireland, they brought cattle, see animal husbandry livestock dog and dog. The use of race called a Q Gaelic dialect, while Collie means " useful ", so it is useful to them in the dog is called Collie ( Collie ).

Irish zoologist WLC Martin describes this dog: observation, sharp; hair, long and often hairy; body style, strong, beautiful appearance, something like a wolf child. Convinced that the border collie may derive from the Basque Celtics.

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Being developed as shepherd, in the early history of Scotland to find the obvious answer; Ireland have a grassy hillside, therefore the Irish many cattle and horses; compared with barren, climate is harsh Scotland, Scotland had to more easily live sheep husbandry. Scotland's early being grazed by sheep and guard sheep dog is in the Scotland islands are found, these dogs are derived from the original from the Irish migration to Scotland who brought the dog, and is in the early Viking Invasion of Scotland before the.

All the way to the mountain gorge tribal confrontation and struggle in Scotland after the end of people do not develop their natural resources, so the environment especially in the highland region ( The Highlands ), people are not input in agricultural production, only of grazing sheep on them is better occupation. In the rugged geography environment people only rely on dogs to help drive, set, see herd cattle. Do not know the highland Collie and Lowland Sheepdog is where it comes from, its origins, but know that modern shepherd dog, they have " eyes " ( eye of control ) capacity, this ability is in Scotland 's border with England grazing shepherd development training out, so have " eye of control" ability is called " border Collie dog ".

Most Border Collies have search capabilities, as long as at the appropriate time to encourage them to do good, search instinct and herding instinct, when to stop it development, these instincts may weaken or even disappear, this is search and rescue dogs domesticated field in the game to encourage dogs to search any difficulties one of the reasons; and most of them are sensitive to the palm of the hand, touch response, can touch their head, cheeks and around the ears to appease them, with the wolf mutual licking hair, caress is no different, can be achieved through this action can get excited or nervous dogcalm down, than withorderway.

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