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Bike, run, swim, eat sleep, repeat; yup that’s my life!

Posted Oct 29 2012 5:36pm

So the longest weekend of my training for Ironman Arizona is done and I have just 3 more weeks of training left!  I am both relieved and anxious!

Saturday – 100 mile bike ride with my dad.  We started at 10:00 a.m. in hopes of it warming up a bit but it was still in the 30s when we started which made my dad cranky.  Then he got 2 flats in a row which made him even crankier.  Then we hit our 1st hill that at least warmed us up.  I kept having to stop at porta potties, I’ve never had to pee so much during a ride ever!  Then we got kind of lost and had to make up some extra miles on the bosque trail which can get a little boring after riding back and forth more than once.  Then there was the headwind on the way back which made me cranky, so with all that we were out there for a LOOOONG time.  I think we finally were done about 7 hours later!  We waddled our way to the local pasta buffet where they treated us to free lemonade and soda cause we looked so beaten and down trodden but really we were both happy to have gotten the ride in and survived.  I think we each consumed our own body weight in pasta!

Sunday – I was solo for an 18 mile run which I was dreading but it went surprisingly well.  I kept my hat pulled down and my head low so that I wouldn’t see the path ahead.  Every time I kept thinking ok my legs are going to start hurting any minute now, it didn’t happen and I just kept saying IMF “incessant forward motion” to myself.  My other mantra for the day was “that too shall pass” For example:

“I’m tired” – That too shall pass

“I’m dizzy” – That too shall pass

“I’m nauseous” – That too shall pass

“I have a cramp” – That too shall pass

“I have all these great blog ideas” – That too shall pass

“I’m cranky” – That too shall pass

“I think my left side is hurting” – That too shall pass

Until finally the 18 miles also passed! 3 hours and 15 minutes later with the uphill on the way out to make the way back a little bit easier.

Then I went home to eat a little lunch and wanted to give up but texted my friend that I knew wouldn’t let me and I was convinced to hit the pool to finish the weekend off with a 2100 yd steady swim.
I txted hubs as he was driving back into town to tell him the floors were covered with stinky clothes and the sink was full of dirty dishes and he better be ok with that.

Now the pre-race dreams have started.  A few of the usuals, running late for the race start so I take off naked.  A few new ones are making it into the rotation too, Lance and I (yes we’re on a first name basis) are crawling to the finish of the IM and he gets mad cause I call him Lancey and tries to crawl right over me, and another one being so dehydrated that they are trying to force chicken broth down my throat as I yell “I’m vegetarian give me water!” 

Do you have pre-race dreams?

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