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Best MP3 players for kids

Posted Dec 27 2012 9:04am
North Face Down Kids Jacket Red Twenty North Face UK years ago the "Walkman" came on the scene, and worried parents declared it to be the end of civilization as we knew it north face jackets for women. Suddenly kids were walking around with headphones on, detached from the rest of the world as they retreated into their audio solitude north face nuptse vest. If you tried to talk to them, they would say, "WHAT?" above the din of the music their ears. Today, the cassette-based Walkman has progressed to the MP3 player, and kids can now carry hundreds or even thousands of songs in their pocket. The players have become extremely small as the capacity has grown very large. PICKING THE RIGHT UNITWhen picking the right MP3 player for a kid, you have to start with the company that revolutionized the industry, which is Apple. The iPod was such a dramatic product that it created it's own identity. Technically the iPod is itself an MP3 player, but it has become so iconic that it is simply referred to as the iPod. It is similar to Scotch tape, which is a brand name and yet has become a standard item category in our vernacular. For kids, the iPod Shuffle is a good place to start. At $79, the Shuffle is relatively affordable and the 1GB capacity holds approximately 240 songs. The only limitation to the Shuffle is that there is no screen, which limit search capabilities. If you want something with a little more firepower, you can upgrade to the iPod Nano, which retails for $149 (4GB, 1000 songs) or $199 (8GB, 2000 songs). The Nano also holds movies, pictures, and video clips.IF YOU WANT A NON-APPLEOf course, Apple is not the only MP3 maker on the market, despite their dominance and popularity. Affordable MP3 players are also made by Sandisk, Samsung, and Insignia in the $50 to $100 range. If you want something to compare to the iPod Nano, you can consider a version of the Microsoft Zune, which retails at $149 for the 4GB model. These all provide a number of features that are similar to the Apple products listed above.SUMMARYWhen buying an MP3 player, consider your price range, desired capacity, and the computer that you will be using to transfer music. Remember that your MP3 player must get music from somewhere, so be ready to evaluate your computer's storage capacity as well as the software programs that you use for listening to music. Happy listening!


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