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Be A Winner Like Tiger Woods With Your Perfect Golf Swing

Posted Jan 05 2013 1:08am
To have the perfect golf swing which is simple, repeatable and consistent is what the majority of Ravens Courtney Upshaw Jersey golfers strive for. To be a good golfer you need to master the setting up of the golf ball.

The most crucial element you must start with is how you initially set up to hit a golf ball.This is one of the most crucial statements in the way of your perfect golf swing.

Even though this is important the setup is also the most straight-forward and easiest part of the golf swing to change and modify. Many bad habits in this part can be modified and as a result you will have a better golf swing Ravens Terrence Cody Jersey.

Your existing method of setting up the golf ball may give you consistent results already. But is this resulting in hooking, slicing, topping or hitting behind the ball? These improper results could be the out-come of an in-correct setup or over a period time you have changed your swing to compensate for these situations.

If so, you will now incur a golf swing that is complicated and that is not what you want if you want to be a better golfer.

What every challenging golfer wants is to have power and control in their swing which is simple and consistent and is repeatable and this as stated above comes from the set up.

For a majority of golfers this will require a new start which will be a challenge and be technically demanding and difficult. Like anything worth improving, to be successful the work must be put in first.

As a golfer you need to position yourself so that your feet are shoulder width apart. You need to be comfortable. For the longer clubs, you may need a stance that is wider to support yourself, and for the shorter clubs you may need a more narrower stance.

It will be challenging to turn if your stance is too wide. On the other hand if your stance is too narrow you will lose balance. As a major rule, the width of your stance should be within the width of your foot in either direction.

The toe of you or left foot must be pointing straight out and not out to the left or else you will not get a full shoulder turn when you swing.

The position of the ball is ideally in the central part of your stance. When you have mastered your simple golf swing then you may play around with the ball off centre for certain golf strokes Ravens Ray Rice Jersey.

Your posture is where your knees are not locked and your back is straight. Your chest is protruding and this will feel un-natural Ravens Haloti Ngata Jersey.

It is very important for you to focus on maintaining a straight spine as this will result in smooth, consistent and predictable path for the head of the club to move through. This is the basics of your new simple golf swing.

This means that your golf swing will rotate around your straight spine and when you hit the golf ball you should see dramatic results. 
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