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Badminton, my sport of choice!

Posted by Jon L.

Hello Everyone: I have been playing badminton for close to 12 years now. This is a rapidly growing sport in the San Francisco Bay Area and badminton only facilities are starting to spring up all over! It is a sport that requires remarkable hand eye coordination and reflexes. The shuttle can travel at over 100 mph. It also pushes your level of cardio and physical fitness. In a typical match, a player may travel up to 3 miles and will start and stop hundreds of times while trying to cover the court. This is not the game that you play in the backyard during barbecues with a volleyball net and a big colorful shuttlecock. This is a high intensity, highly competitive sport that is very easy to learn, but impossible to master. Most of the community colleges in the area offer classes during the day and in the evenings if you want to go and learn the basics, but if you are ready to play against the big boys, you can visit the following websites for tournament play and open gym hours! Smash City Badminton Club, Milpitas CA Golden Gate Badminton Club, Menlo Park CA Asby Sports, Badminton & Soccer Supply Store, San Jose CA Please let me know if you know any other places to play, open gyms, or where we can get badminton supplies! Thanks for looking! ~Jon~
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Nice to hear from a fellow enthusiast. However, I have not been playing as long as you have. I am more like the backyard player, who loves this game for its chill factor and I find that very therapeutic.
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