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Atlanta Hawks 101-91 win Bobcats

Posted Nov 25 2012 4:15am

Hawks Horford had 26 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, Kyle Korver had 16 points and six rebounds, and Teague had 13 points, 12 assists and three rebounds, Smith had 10 points, eight assists, four Derrick Rose Shoes 2012 rebounds, two blocks and five turnovers, Stevenson had nine points and six rebounds, and Zaza Pachulia had nine points and seven rebounds. Ramon, the Bobcats scored 22 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Walker scored 16 points, nine assists and four rebounds, Taylor scored 16 points, Mullens had 12 points and eight rebounds, he also 6 steals and 2 blocked shots, Gilchrist scored 11 points, seven rebounds and four blocked shots, Haywood had eight points and three rebounds.

Hawks Stevenson returned to the starting lineup, Harris to come off the bench again. Gilchrist after the start quickly find the feeling, one Glenealy 5 the Bobcats 10-5 start. Horford inside force scored 8 points, Kyle Korver hit three-pointers, led his unit to play a 13-0 spurt, the first section there are 4 minutes 10 seconds Hawks overtake the lead. Sessions contributed 5 points off the bench, also made two free throws, the Bobcats will play lead near than Job. Harris hit the third, then made two free throws, and the Hawks leading 30-23 seven minutes from the end of the first section. The Bobcats scored four points to start the second section, they narrow the gap to 3 points. Morrow led his unit took 6 minutes to stabilize the situation, Gilchrist twice a layup, Walker hit the third, who led his unit to counterattack wave hit 9-3, 6 minutes, 35 seconds before halftime Bobcats 36 -39 3 points behind. Teague suddenly find Cheap Jeremy Lin Shoes touch with two three-pointers, one contributed eight points, Kyle Korver 4, who led his unit played 16-5 small climax, the Hawks made 14-point lead. Sessions, Taylor and Walker has two-thirds vote the Bobcats 10-2 counterattack wave hit with a wave of one-third of the rain, Harding Park half to 51-57 behind six points. Hawks Horford first half with 16 points and six rebounds, and Teague had 11 points and seven assists; Bobcats Ramon scored 10 points, Walker had nine points and four assists, Gilchrist had 9 points and four rebounds, Taylor had nine points the Mullens had 8 points and 5 rebounds.

Shortly after the start of the third quarter, Kyle Korver hit three points, the Hawks took 7 minutes opened the advantage to 12 points. Sessions even take four minutes to close the gap, Horford alley-oop layup, Teague breakthrough hit a jumper, and the Hawks to expand the advantage. Sessions and Taylor hit the third, who led his unit even after 11 minutes in this section have 1 minute 50 seconds when the Bobcats 72-76 backward. Horford layup, Pachulia break layup, and the Hawks leading Jordan Fly Wade 2 80-74 when three of warfare. Stevenson hit three-pointers uncover Section IV curtain Bobcats responded, Harris break layup team even take 5 minutes, 11 minutes and 6 minutes and 55 seconds before the whistle when the Hawks leading 90-79 . Stevenson threes opened the advantage to 14 points, Walker breakthrough layup led his unit Lianban 8 points, 1 minute 25 seconds before the whistle when the Bobcats chase 91-97. The Horford critical moment to come forward, a dunk and a jumper Hit 44.3 seconds before the whistle when the Hawks to 101-91 lead with 10 points. Bobcats powerless, they lost a 10-point gap.


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