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Arsenal ninety-seven: A note of New Home FABREGAS Barcelona Shirt Record 298 of deja vu swallow to return

Posted Nov 19 2012 7:32am

As heavenly gun fans, if you do not know that Arsenal see no light means led to the downgrade of Tottenham with legendary, you will not be able to understand why the London team, such as ox hair, while Arsenal and Tottenham are doomed to become a sworn enemy for life. 9-year-old to enter the Arsenal youth academy Wilshere said: I have been waiting and Tottenham's derby. : The end of the season, Tottenham ranking over Arsenal last season or Chelsea to take the lead in the Big Brother Boas said. Talk is a very easy thing to do, such as serving the people has been said some people for many years, but says it will do is another matter, when the attractiveness of serving the people can not keep up RMB services, what kind of report are crap. There are many things in this world will feel very familiar when you turn a blind eye meditation, you will be in a trance that they once experienced a similar scene, vows, commitment, pain, joy, or 5:2. As heavenly gun fans, if you do not know that Arsenal see no light means led to the downgrade of Tottenham with legendary, you will not be able to understand why London teams such as ox Rashard Mendenhall Nike Elite Jersey hair, while Arsenal and Tottenham are destined to become a whole life sworn enemy. History people are always mixed, the same stadium in north London, is only 3.5 miles away, the people gathered there from birth we must entirely different to be divided into two camps. A few years ago Arsenal fans can be dismissive, because most gun fans that Manchester United is the enemies of Arsenal in the Premier League, but a few years later when the Spurs already shining standing between Arsenal and Champions League qualification for Spurs you have to admit that Arsenal and Manchester United have been lopsided, even if Manchester United lost in the next game to Ivanovic Adelaide Bayeux goals I suddenly through to when he wore a Manchester City jersey era, from Arsenal to Manchester City to Tottenham, Adebayor all gun fans love-hate relationship, the last time his wild celebrations hate for all gun fans gnash their teeth, which after his goal eight minutes red end of the application. Have always been kind of saying, go out from Arsenal incomparable miss against Arsenal - Bendtner is an exception - So Adebayor active departure proved this point. The red card was the turning point of the game, from this perspective, the past two years as the Cheap MESSI Shirt Manchester United first card Weber Sheriff Arsenal caring if 11 to 11, I do not know that Arsenal will eventually complete 5:2 reversal. Walcott starting again proved his worth, he assists the first ball to complete the final goal, Little Tiger is the best person for the position on the right wing. Gervinho, his breakthrough more simple and crude, but becomes tricky when his winger, his threats may tedious dribbling Hotbird more straightforward. This is a rather interesting choice for the professor, who, you can not let Mertesacker to the final word, and the face of a single center of Giroux, head or foot of a problem. Podolski scored the second goal, I know Arsenal win, Tottenham and Arsenal, specializes in the quick counter rather than hard bridge hard horse storm. Boas at Chelsea, he was the transformation of the Blues was criticized for imitate Arsenal to Tottenham he still crush. Unfortunately, this world is only one of Arsenal, so less of a person Tottenham rush evolutions loopholes everywhere. Polti prince way to celebrate after scoring appeals to the imagination, and Henry the Great stands also can not help but applaud, but I think this angle flagpole things Whether of Casola or Polti, are a little too long a. Wilshere after his PUYOL Barcelona 2012-2013 Shirt comeback, Arsenal had a few games in a row midfield organization ineffective, the biggest problem is the distribution of the ball, the root cause of the field game Arsenal can score big reversal Casola regain control of the control ball. Team and the military, there is no clear chain of command over as general loose sand, Wilshere breakthrough is no doubt, but his vision and passing ability with Casola still some distance away. Face different opponents should choose a different mode of attack, and its capability in this area more than Professor Ferguson. The face resolutely defending team, Wilshere sudden strong may be the best way to break the deadlock, but happy to exchange that with Arsenal Tottenham and his ilk, Arsenal need more perhaps card The Sola Lightning a pass. Access Polti assists after broke for Casola it just icing on the cake in a scratching and scrambling to cross & Giroux, which is also need to strengthen the skills of Wilshire. Three consecutive games to break Giroux with the best way to hit back at criticism of parallel imports, in addition there are several very headed by Lori (microblogging) Sri Lanka defuse threat. As a striker, the goal is the most powerful expression of the way, had a lot of Joe Greene Nike Elite #75 1994 Throwback Jersey people are thinking about a problem, Podolski and Giroux new ability to replace the position of Van Persie, Well, now look at the scoring standings, maybe cargo in the league in scoring just flat and Robin van Persie. Of course, the two of them hit the aircraft's ability to keep up with Van Persie, Looking at the world in this regard compared with Van Persie only about heavenly Development and Reform Commission. Arteta on a missed penalty in the last minute, ruined Arsenal fingertips victory, but it looks like the adjustment capacity of the Spaniards admirable, this game is offensive or defensive midfielder position are very sound. As the best signings of Arsenal last season, Arteta's low-key often people ignore, but when Arsenal did not he, when everyone will be aware of his importance. This season, I often will he included in the guard ranks, and sometimes I think Arsenal play is actually 361, because Arsenal two backs ran to the other half the crowd opponent goalkeeper prefer. Arteta audience only mistakes Bell ball broke before he lost the position of Bell can not form a barrier, and the other time, he has been a nightmare of Tottenham. Game lost two balls, has never been Arsenal's problems can not enter more than Cheap BOJAN AC Milan Home Shirt 2012-13 two goals is the biggest problem for habit Arsenal colander defense gun fans, conceded the least like The honor is absolutely God wearing the wrong shoes. Adebayor blank range or Bell's attack can be forgiven within, recovering from illness Wally Disney can throw the ball is lost, there's no other test. Sagna on the right and Walcott combination called Arsenal, Coase Czerny and models in the middle of the performance can be considered due diligence, it is worth mentioning a few games in a row like sleepwalking Virgin Mahlon finally realized that the responsibility of the captain, the left side of the defense and assists have the shadow of Gibbs, to look unless Professor Santos transformed into a winger, otherwise his Arsenal days may be numbered. History is always strikingly similar to two consecutive season with a venue to face the same opponents play 5:2 score simply than the match-fixing as well as the story. Heraclitus said, people can not step twice into the same river. Tottenham proved this. When the beat Tottenham Arsenal a final straw in crisis it has practically become Boas again fail in their mission, with five balls to save Arsenal untold miseries, and then he said dismissively: "What is twice or three times can also be. "

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