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Arsenal 70 minutes the main shoot positively

Posted Dec 12 2012 8:34am
Bradford, so an organization worked hard from the fourth-level league in England, even the 1/4 finals on the League Cup victory over Arsenal qualify! Clearly, the League Cup may be a hotbed of upset, it has been nothing to bother with. Staggering, having said that the game Arsenal Custom Women's Kansas City Chiefs Nike Game Jersey but sent the majority of the main play!

Look along at the Arsenal starting group of defense: the Wally Disney Sagna, Mertesacker, Weiermalun Gibbs, an entirely right after main collection of defense. The frontcourt configuration: Kirkland, Wilshere, Ramsey, Casola, Podolski, hot Erh-wei Mourinho, the starting lineup, minimal playing in time the league Kirkland his Premier League this current year only 141 minutes right before the show, but besides him playing amount of time in the league at any rate Wilshere and Sagna were couple of had absolute main regarding who the winner as a consequence of injuries, 467 minutes and 540 minutes of playing time.

Wenger 61 minutes was created behind to use a good mark, the main 70 minutes put Chamberlain, but still, Arsenal also only by Weiermalun, around the 87th minute for you to interrupt right goal. Funny, the first 70 minutes, Arsenal This lineup confirmed to be zero shot is! All the offensive line is completely chaotic.

To know Bradford inside the English League ranked only fourth place standings, even directly upgrade shouldn't be qualified, however this season after their League Cup journey can be defined as dangerous and legendary: an overtime first 4 minutes Goal 1 - 0 victory over Darrelle Revis Nike Limited Jersey Notts County; two 94-minute goal, Waterford stoppage time reversal lore; Lianban three goals in your first 30 minutes three the way it is of 0-2 another word inside of the first 115 minutes. 4 face Premier League club Wigan, they are going to drag the score 0-0 shootout finals, plus the final beat. This moment against Arsenal, Bradford again shows toughness.

Look in the comparative cost of the two main teams, as a way to Arsenal simply ashamed difficult content, by the the authoritative website transfermarkt statistics, Bradford team worth when using 5.2 million pounds, high-priced player from the team is 27 year-old central defender Andrew - Davis (650,000 pounds), and also finishing of the idea - Gary Thompson, only 225,000 pounds.

Look at Arsenal this side of Wally Disney (12.5 million), Sarnia (16.5 million), Per Mertesacker (12.5 million), Weiermalun (16.5 million), Gibbs (440 million), Kirkland (2.Six million), Wilshere (19.5 million), Ramsey (Ten million), Cazorla (17.5 million), Podolski (17.5 million), Gervais Yao Kouassi (1250 million) 11 people total property value of 142 million, plus check mark (4.8 million) and Chamberlain (12 million), the total amount of this lineup is reached 158,800,000! Not other players not involved in this line of business, each of the teams worth a sum difference of nearly 30 times, must say, they can be a shame. It is composed by 1cplusplusstreet 12.12.2012 Tag: Darrelle Revis Nike Elite JerseyCustom Miami Dolphins Orange Nike Elite Jersey
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