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Ankle Sprain Prevention

Posted May 05 2010 3:03pm 1 Comment
Ankle sprains can be prevented or you can lessen the risk of ankle sprains. A bad ankle sprain or ankle ligaments tear can cause you trouble for the rest of your playing career.

One major goal of sports fitness training is injury prevention . Ankle sprains are common to sports competitors.

So, is there anything you can do to prevent ankle sprains during practice or games? Lessen your risk of ankle injuries by doing the following
1) You can improve the ankle's joint proprioception (position sense) and dynamic stability with balance training. Doing one-legged balance exercises will accomplish this goal. One-leg balancing on foam pads or disks for 4-5 minutes (each leg) is a great exercise. Other great exercises are lunges, single-leg squats, step ups and medicine ball rotations on one leg.

2) Proper footwork during practice and games will also reduce ankle sprain risks. "Rolled ankles" are very common. An example would be failing to properly plant your foot (with the knee inside the ankle) when accelerating quickly out of a cut. Faulty landing technique from jumps also cause many ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries.

Of course, there are no guarantees to avoiding injuries. Just give yourself the best chance to avoid as many injuries as possible.

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wow... nice tips .. Thanks... It will help me too to overcome from this pain.


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