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An overview of life jacket laws in Colorado

Posted Dec 31 2012 2:30am
North Face Mens Denali Hoodie Red Colorado boating Cheap North Face Jacket rules fall into two categories, regulations and statutes. Statutes are laws created by the Colorado State Legislature. Regulations are rules implemented by Colorado State Parks. Both have the authority of the rule of law and both address life jacket, or personal floatation device, requirements for boaters in Colorado.The 2009 Colorado Boating Statues and Regulations booklet, available from the Colorado State Parks has all of the relevant rules. The primary statute addressing life jackets is the statute on Equipment Requirements, 33-13-106.Section 1 of that statute addresses personal watercraft. Every person onboard a personal watercraft must, at all times, be wearing a Coast Guard approved flotation device north face slippers.Section 3 requires that all other boaters must have a personal flotation device for everyone aboard. The statutes don't require that these be worn by adults but they must meet the Coast Guard requirements. However, every person onboard any vessel on the water under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket unless they are "below deck or in an enclosed cabin".The remainder of the laws affecting the use of personal floatation devices are covered under Regulation #212.Section 1 states that any vessel under sixteen feet must have a "Coast Guard type I life preserver, type II buoyant vest or type III special purpose water safety buoyant device on board for each person". Special rules apply in this section for sailboards and "river running". Sailboard operators are allowed to wear a buoyant wet suit instead of a Coast Guard approved PFD. For river operations an additional type of PFD is allowed, a type V whitewater river running buoyant vest.Section 2 covers vessels greater than sixteen feet. In addition to the requirements for a vessel under sixteen feet a throwable device such as a Coast Guard approved buoyant cushion or a ring life buoy is mandatory north face nuptse vest. This throwable device must be immediately available.In section 3 the rules address vessels for hire. Vessels for hire on a lake or reservoir must have type I flotation devices for every person on board. Special rules for commercial river outfitters are addressed here by addressing regulation #305 which is not covered in the basic regulations booklet.Section 4 covers surfing or towing such as skiing or tubing. It is recommended that a type I, II or III flotation device be worn, but this rule allows for an alternate type of buoyant device such as a ski belt so long as an additional PFD is carried on the boat for the person in the water.Additional rules in this regulation require that all PFDs must be readily available, marked with Coast Guard approvals and in serviceable condition.Basically Colorado's life jacket laws are a mirror of the appropriate Coast Guard regulations. Beyond meeting the basic requirements for all U.S. vessels you need to remember that children (under thirteen) must be wearing their life jackets anytime they are not below decks and the boat is on the water.


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