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All About Starting blocks

Posted Jun 22 2012 6:33am

Starting blocks are used in Track and Field athlete sports. Starting blocks vary in style. Proper coaching is required to achieve success with starting blocks, but with the right amount of practice and understanding of the starting blocks, sprinters will find that blocks improve their performances is a type of track and field race. Hurdling requires speed and flexibility.

Starting Blocks Starting blocks was originated in late 1920’s. In 1935 they were patented and by 1937, they have been used in sprint races. Starting blocks are beneficial to sprinters, only when used properly. If an athlete does not use block properly it may slow athletes’ time and ruin his sprinting form. An athlete should learn how to set up his blocks and how to consistently execute proper technique. Sprinters should determine which leg should go in front and which leg behind.

Sprinters should focus on block and pad positioning, the body position while in the set command position, and keep hips above the shoulders. Athletes should warm up before practicing with the blocks. Sprinting with cold, tight muscles can cause serious injuries and muscle pulls. In order to become successful, they need to practice regularly. In addition to block technique, sprinters should practice their reaction times. A quick, clean start will help a runner win the race.

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