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76 total army green unlined upper garment narrow 3-3 truth 24 + 10 rajon rondo 9 + 9 + 6

Posted May 24 2012 2:18pm

In the east in game 6 of the second round of fighting, 76 people patrolling at home against Boston, after the game after the fierce bankruptsrobbers, 76 people to a 82-75 victory over the celtics, will always 1-1 at 3-3 flat as both rob seven fights will move to Boston.


The celtics star Pierce had 24 points and 10 rebounds, Kevin garnett 20 points, 11 rebounds and nine rebounds, Allen three more points and nine rebounds lang 9 6 assists 2 steals. 76 people defender HuoLiDi 20 points six assists, Elton brand 13 points and 10 rebounds, Turner 12 points and rebounds 4 assists, and YiGeDaLa 12 points and six rebounds and six assists Williams 11 points.


See-saw war 76 slight lead


The beginning of the game for 76 people YiGeDaLa advanced a ball, scoring a goal with color, HuoLiDi then again for 76 people jumper, but Allen also also scored a goal. 76 people even with a cast of the five points ahead, but the celtics are also more flowering hit 0 put the attack of the score. Elton brand insider even two goals for 76 people hold the situation, and throws the ball after bath, Pierce technical foul free throws, both parties dozen 15 flat. The two sides you to me to have scored, the score is also quite close. With Williams for a even with three points, 76 to 22-19 leading the celtics.


Garnett smashes green army 33-31 lead


Time's day, first for the celtics after the start of Kevin garnett scored, rafael-Yang's return a ball, Peter Ruth then again for green army goals, HuoLiDi and YiGeDaLa hit 76 respectively achieve five points lead. But 76 people for five points in the next 17 seconds of the time didn't get a point, and the green unlined upper garment army more flowering 8-0 hit attack wave will the bianconeri. Turner scored the brand to 1 points after free throws, tied the score. Garnett again jumper, Turner also return a ball. Peter Ruth last-second 3-pointer hit, the celtics with 36-76 33 lead.


76 people attack has lifted the tide of the initiative


The second half began buss made two free throws to score first for the celtics, Elton brand thrown into a ball with color, but Pierce foul three free throws, green unlined upper garment has six points ahead of the army. 76 people then more flowering direct bomb a wave 11-0 attack wave held the score, the key moment lang scored more after Pierce is 2 + 1 achievements, both parties dozen 46 flat. HuoLiDi and khodorkovsky ismail points respectively, 76 people to get 5 lead, and although garnett for the next successful, but Williams and YiGeDaLa are for 76 people to score. With the last shots of rondonia hit 76 a person with 60-56 lead the celtics.


76 people attack wave small beat green unlined upper garment army


After the start of the fourth quarter the first 76 goals for reyes, Kevin garnett has hit a record in color, but 76 people in HuoLiDi and Williams led the getting seven-0 attack wave quickly will lead to 11. Pierce and Kevin garnett to hit 6-2 attack, but Turner and HuoLiDi scored again, 76 people consolidate the leading edge. Ray Allen and Kevin garnett scored for the celtics were to hold the situation, Elton brand the but again the scoring, 76 in 1 minute when 51 seconds to a 78-69 lead green unlined upper garment army. The key moment Allen 3-pointer, and small AI and then the two free throws, although Pierce in 32.9 seconds again a 3-pointer, and HuoLiDi but again two free throws for 76 people lay in the minute. Final 76 people to a 82-75 victory over the Boston celtics.

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