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Astra Medical Hellas Superfoods was established at the beginning of 2003 and from the very first moment it has won not only the support of the medical and pharmaceutical world but also people’s trust.  Having always been loyal to the principle “Useful, Innovative, Quality, Safe and Reasonably-priced products for everyone”, Astra Medical Hellas Superfoods is today one of the largest and most complete herbal nutritional supplements companies in Greece.  ... Full Bio
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Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil Cod Liver Oil began showing up in the fishing communities of Norway, Scotland, and Iceland in the middle of the 19 th  century...

Fats & Oils…… Their role in our daily diet.

Fat is necessary in our bodies, as long as we know what kind of fat, how much fat, and along with that, how to cook them.  Fats are essential for...

Vitamins and their Benefits

Vitamins (en:  vitamin) are organic compounds in limited quantities as vital nutrients that are required by our organs.  An organic chemical...
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