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Coeur d Alene, Idaho
I suffered from and eating disorder for many years. My intention now is to become an eating disorder recovery coach. Here is a short story of my journey. My ed started in about 4th or 5th grade after another one of our moves. I started spending all my allowance on candy and stashing it in my... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Feb 25 2012 11:10pm
It's very possible she could be bulimic! You should have her checked by a physician for... more
Mar 08 2012 11:39pm
Hi Chewy! Have you looked for any support groups in your area? That might be a good... more
May 17 2011 6:21pm
Feb 01 2011 9:32pm
As long as you are eating healthy and you have no medical problems I wouldn't worry... more
Feb 01 2011 10:04pm
Hi Patricia! Have you been to your MD yet? Sounds like something that should be checked... more
Jan 22 2011 4:14am
Your symptoms could very well be related to your eating. You should be checked out by an... more
Jan 20 2011 5:15pm
Anytime you have blurred vision you should talk to your doctor. There are many health... more
Jan 20 2011 4:28pm
It would be best to be checked out by a medical professional for this! Since you have... more
Jan 20 2011 4:27pm
Jan 07 2011 1:10am
Bulimia is not a good weight loss alternative, and in fact a very dangerous one. Using... more
Jan 19 2011 11:46pm
If it's not self induced such as with bulimia, you should have him checked out by a MD... more
Jan 19 2011 11:41pm
Are you concerned about an eating disorder or just their health in general? more
Jan 19 2011 11:39pm