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FIrst timmer

Hi! This is my first time writing on a blog site. I really need the support of others to help me along on my own personal health trip. I need...

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Robb B. wrote on Spinning Panda's Whiteboard. Nov 24 2009


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Spinning Panda's Whiteboard
Nov 24 2009 by Robb B.
  Hey I just logged on here for the first time in about 9 months and saw your wall post ...I cant believe I just left new Orleans in September and never read your post till now , Im in Maine . Thanks for your kind words ..........
Apr 24 2009 by FITGirl
Hang in there....everything will work out for your highest good. Never give up.  Nothing worth having comes easy!!!  My best to you!!
Apr 18 2009 by FITGirl
WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!  Teaching a spin class is a big deal! That takes ALOT of determination! GOOD JOB!!  Best of luck to you!!  Keep me posted on your progress!!