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Jun 11 2010 9:57am
I think it's a great idea!  I love spinning as well and becoming an instructor has... more
Aug 13 2011 1:26am
have you ever seen a cyclist with big legs and butt? They're legs are shredded and their... more
Dec 22 2010 4:28pm
With the ketelbells if you are doing squats and lunges you are working your thigh and... more
Dec 22 2010 4:44pm
im doing tae-bo and spinning,and i feel like my upper back is getting wider,so,i ... more
Jul 03 2008 12:04pm
Ton, go to the website and you'll be able to locate Spinning classes... more
Sep 15 2009 10:15am
The Pedal Studio really is amazing if yuo after great Spinning classes I thought it... more
Sep 07 2010 7:00am