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Why are my thighs getting bigger???

Posted by Dessa D.

Hi, I have been spinning for almost a year now several days a week.  I recently incorporated kettlebell classes as well.  I am just getting frustrated because my thighs seem to be getting larger and for that matter my buttocks as well.  I don't want to continue spinning if this is going to be the result.  I love it, but I also want my old jeans to fit me  My diet has not changed either.  I feel that I eat fairly healthy.  Any ideas or insight on why this is happening.  Thanks!
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With the ketelbells if you are doing squats and lunges you are working your thigh and butt muscles so you can expect to develop those muscles. Weight training as with ketelbells is anaerobic and tends to build shorter thicker muscle. Spinning, since it's aerobic tends to build longer, leaner muscles than weight training (as with ketelbells), plus it increases fat burn so you would expect to lose fat along with developing the longer leaner muscles.
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