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This is probably the dumbest question

Posted by C.L. R.

but I don't know the answer, so I have to ask - does spinning involve revolving? I get dizzy and I've always taken the name literally. I know it involves a bike and burning all sorts of calories but the rest is a mystery. And yes, I am too afraid to ask anyone I know because it has been a trend for years and I certainly don't want to look like a total moron. Better to do that on paper.
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Spinning Your Wheels on This?. I have yet to take a spinning class, but from what I understand you are just riding a stationary bike. The "spinning" refers to the wheels. However, if you think this is a "dumb" question, I can top that. Once, several years ago, I was reading WebMD is supposed to be a very well-researched website, right? Well, the author of this particular article actually said that spinning was a form of exercise where you spun around in a circle like a Whirling Dervish. I am not kidding! How on earth did that pass by the editors? Since then, I take everything on WebMD with a grain of salt.
Good to know it was coming from somewhere. Okay. Thank you. That makes me feel so much better. I knew there had to have been a rumor or SOMETHING (web md) that would make me think that it literally had something to do with something that would make me dizzy. Cause let's face it - no one wants to throw up in the name of health. That's called an eating disorder.
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