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Spinning 101

Posted by Lela D.

What is spinning anyway? Well, you may think it's plain old stationary bike riding, but it's not. Yes, you use a bike, but in a whole new way. Spinning very aerobic. Classes involve several people "biking" to fun music plays while a motivating instructor describes a virtual route you are following. The visualization of an outdoor cycling trip includes hills stretches where you need to pedal as fast as you can. Pace varies, as does the tension on the bike. All this is done at the guidance of the instructor, leaving the student free to get lost in the exercise. My best tip? Buy real biking shorts - the kind with lots of padding!

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I haven't tried it because I thought it was more of the hated stationary bike thing. Maybe I'll sign up for a class now.
I'm tempted to try a spinning class, but I am a little concerned about the intensity. Believe me, I want a really good workout, especially for my legs and thighs, but I also want to be able to go at my own pace if my body feels it's being pushed too hard. I want to be sure that I can control the pace at which I'm pedaling, as long as that's okay with the instructor.
Spinning is a great aerobic exercise. It is actually quite fun. I am really out of shape so generally am out of breath quickly on other machines like treadmill, etc within 15-20 minutes. But with spinning I can go the entire duration of the class, usually 60 minutes, and am OK (but tired). Also, I generally do not sweat even when I work hard, but with spinning, I sweat a lot. It is an intense class, but really really fun! I highly recommend it.

Chelsea, you're right about the sweating - I wonder if that's the indoor factor? I used to sweat a ton in step aerobics classes too when I took them.

Kristen D.

Most instructors should tell new people to pace themselves until the learn proper form and learn how the controls work, etc. You have to work up to a certain level and that will take several classes. Before you know you will be pushing yourself just because it feels right but definitely, if you were in my class, I would tell you to pace yourself until you feel comfortable enought to push yourself. You have to keep at it or, like running, if you take long breaks, you will be sore the next time and you will have lost some of the gained stamina and endurance. Let us know how you do.

Yes, soreness... Even with running, if I take a week off I feel like I have to start over from scratch.
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