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Spin Reflects on Bike Riding

Posted by Kenna M.

I have taken three spin classes over the past 10 years. I rather play racquetball. The three classes I took assisted my recreational bike riding tremendously. The Spinning classes I took taught me how to ride a bike to prevent soreness and lack of stamina. I can now go the distance and even further because I know how to ride a bike properly. That being said. I really recommend recreational riders take a couple of Spinning classes at their local gym and learn the basics. You'll love yourself for it, and your buttocks will love you for it.
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The Pedal Studio really is amazing !

I thought it would be like other Indoor cycling classes I have experienced at gyms but these guys have set themselves apart to deliver a very unique offering and yes it is a small personal studio with only Spinning bikes.

Firstly the instructors are really into cycling ! They have all done Iron Mans / Triathlons or are into cycling or MTB'ing ~ what a refreshing difference to get coached - almost 1 to 1 as my Pedal Stroke was corrected.

I had never heard of Heart Rate training and this was very interesting and FREE, the feedback I got that comes to my email account on my training ( including calories burnt) was fantastic - again 1-1 training but what was key is it really kept me from going overboard and over killing things in class, it was amazing how easy it is to stay in the FAT BURN zone.

No contracts , no fuss ~ just a simple Pay as You Spinning classes and I bought the 10 ride pack so it was £5 a ride after the £10 for 7 consec days intro offer.

As you can see I was totally impressed, such friendly people, and I have now even joined their in-house Pro Vo2 Triathlon club - just fab fab fab.

And no I am not getting paid to write this !


Kenna.  Thanks for sharing your experiences with Spinning.  I am an instructor and it's nice to hear the benefits coming from those who take the classes.  I personally love Spinning, I would teach it everyday if they let me.  If the people follow the instructors instructions they are likely to have a great time, learn a lot of form and tone the lower body tremendously, now to work on the middle and upper body!
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