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Spin and Burn Calories

Posted Jun 03 2008 10:01pm
Spinning classes can be a great way to burn calories and keep your muscles in shape. But indoor stationary biking can be monotonous, so you have to have a high tolerance for exercise bikes and being inside.
Billy in San Diego teachingImage via Wikipedia

A typical class involves going to the gym, where an instructor leads the class participants riding on specialized stationary bikes, through routines that are designed to simulate terrain and situations that are similar to biking outdoors.

Some of the movements and positions include hill climbs, sprints and interval training. An instructor might use music, motivation and enthusiastic coaching to lead students through a session that best suits participant fitness levels.

Most instructors will lead an interval ride, where students will sprint, run, climb, and jump all in the same ride but there will not be definable pattern to the exercises.

Participants choose their own goals for the session i.e. some will choose to maintain a moderate, aerobic intensity level, while others drive their heart rates higher in intervals of anaerobic activity.

Besides being a tremendous form of aerobic activity, burning between 400-600 calories in 40 minutes, indoor cycling is also beneficial in strengthening lower body muscles, toning quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as working the back and hips.

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