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SoulCycle: How Spinning Got its Groove Back

Posted by Lindy K.

Spinning classes are notorious for several reasons. First, they provide a high-energy and efficient cardio work-out which is kind to the joints. Secondly, they are not for the faint of heart. The classes are extremely tough and require an enormous amount of endurance. Thirdly, they are always accompanied by flashing lights, blaring techno music and instructors that expend more energy yelling at their clients than they do on the bikes. Three New York City women, however, are changing the face of spinning. While they love the work-out itself, they were sick and tired of the rave-type atmosphere and abrasive spinstructors. Ruth Zukerman, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice decided to combine the basics of yoga with the calorie-burning power of spinning. Spin classes held by candlelight, yoga breathing and stress-reduction techniques, and an and accessible way to sign up for classes and for individual The result became SoulCycle. Each of the three women brought a unique skill to the table which enabled them to create a well-rounded and business savvy plan. SoulCycle opened for business last summer in a space the women found on West 72nd St. The "yoga on bikes" crazy caught on, and by last winter, their clients included Kyra Sedgwick, Katie Courick and Caroline Kennedy. Bill Clinton even dropped in for an unconventional fundraiser for Hillary where riders paid $2,300 to spin to a playlist of his favorite songs while we walked through the room. Ordinarily, a client pays $27 per class. The three founders seem to have turned their dream of a "spinning oasis" into reality.
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