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Let's Take A Spin

Posted by Julia P.

Once upon a time…. I was young~er. I would run for miles and miles and not think twice about it. All those miles have caught up with me, and I now have to regulate my running. It’s not as sad as it seems, because I had to find something new for my workout! What I discovered was Spin! I really didn’t think I was going to get the same kind of workout with spin. To be honest, I didn’t think Spin was even going to challenge me! Boy howdy, was I wrong! Every class has its’ own feel, and every instructor has their own style, as well as their own music selection. I had so much fun I hardly noticed I was pouring sweat and not able to keep up! The nice thing about Spin is that you can easily take it up a notch, or, like me, take it down, and get an amazing workout. I will point out that if you have never taken a Spin class before you shouldn’t try to keep up with every turn of the dial. Like anything new you need to work you way up to all that level of insanity!
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