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external battery for phones if you move the power off because of the quality and safety performance

Posted Jan 02 2013 7:12am
Wei Li billion company battery explosion mobile external battery for iPhone power industry, do not laugh it off June 16, 2012, in West Village, High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Zhongkai Huizhou billion Wei Li Energy Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen GEM listed companies) a three-story plant explosion, it is learned that the aging and resistance to test battery combustion ignite surrounding storage battery caused the fire to explode. The explosion severely damaged a three-story plant. Although not phone mobile power supply manufacturers accidents, but I think the explosion billion Wei mobile power industry will have some impact, from a certain extent wake indifferent consumer safety awareness, from this external battery perspective, it may not be a a bad thing. Specific analysis can refer to mobile power Enlightenment article on consumer urgent need of a serious accident. Battery (common ordinary lithium-ion battery and lithium polymer battery two) for the main components of mobile power, compared to mp3, MP4 other electronic products, its security is particularly important, but unfortunately its security sex in the past has not external battery for phones been practical consumer attention, that we can from Taobao sales data can be confirmed. Relative to the mobile phone batteries and electronic products such as MP3, Mp4, mobile power battery capacity is often far higher than they were cited because the quality of vicious the security accidents (such as explosions), its dangers and consequences should be much larger than the mobile phone battery. To say the least, external battery for phones if you move the power off because of the quality and safety performance, however, the damage to customers to be charging mobile phones external battery and digital devices is not a small loss in customers. Based on the above two points, when consumers buy mobile power more attention to external battery for iPhone the safety and quality of the product is necessary. Manufacturers of mobile power must not luck, after all, to sell more things base will gradually increase the probability of the accident. Mobile power in the event of a malignant safety incidents, losses not only mobile manufacturers, and even for the entire mobile power industry will also be a small blow to consumers the confidence to buy is a lot of damage. Such as Shenzhen, Shenzhen mobile power industry leader in WISE company in 2009 because export Europe a bad charge customers a Iphone, had compensation over the loss of more than 100,000 customers. Because of the lessons the company from the security of mobile power almost paranoid, they even security takes precedence over quality on the first one, external battery for phones the circuit design is strictly guarantee does not in any extreme case of customers mobile phones and digital equipment damage, not to talk about the threat to the personal safety of consumers. When consumers buy mobile power, be sure to polish their own eyes, and not simply as an optional reference price, should look more focus on product quality and safety. Notified, no good goods cheaper, the external battery for iPhone good stuff is not cheap, there are still some truth, If you buy a quality product, but off, not to mention the explosion of this serious accident, is a bad charge phones, is not worth the candle. If external battery you are not convinced that the quality of the battery of mobile power inside, it is best to buy a mobile power polymer lithium battery materials. Because of the differences between the two different electrolytes and product packaging, has better safety and service life of the lithium polymer battery than the ordinary lithium. Second, the best choice for manufacturers of professional and responsible brand. Despite this, not yet occupy the mind of the consumer, which brand experienced professional manufacturers, like more than five years experience in the industry and has a good reputation Shenzhen WISE and Harry through on behalf of the professional manufacturers. Consumers best mobile power away from those just entering the industry vendors, products, after all, there will be more or less as an industry newcomer, defects and deficiencies. In the case of the current buyer's market, consumers do not need to act as a white
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