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Black suit coat to OL capable image of perfection

Posted Apr 22 2013 9:36am
Black suitcoatOLableimage ofperfect highlight, which take the Koreangown, very type, double-breasteddesign, dealtwithindetailspecial carewith    AuthenticIsabel MarantWedgeSneakers, akindofinfinitefemininitywith with adifferenttrendand melody
Boots mouth elastic design, elasticshut, morepaste feet, trendzipperbootszipperopentubeto closethe calf, theperfectcurveimmediately reflectedultra-highheelsexyhigh-heeled, high-grade temperament, charm can not be blocked, warmwinterindispensabletendon at the end ofdesign, theadvanced importedhigh-qualityrubbertendon at the end ofnon-slipultra-wearable, no longer have to worry aboutrainyorsnowonthegroundslipping. Smallroundheadlayer of leatherroundmodifiedoffseriouslook oldflavor, a littlesmallplayfultemperamentrather thantoeorboots, and are based systemwiththefirst layer of leather, soft andsmoothfeel. Onfootis veryhigh.
High elastic flexibleworna variety of anglesvariousline andputthe bootsto the feetof10 cm, thenbootsturneddown, poseressentialto wearbootstowear, full ofhandsome! Classicsmall roundtipstretchimports of South Koreanvelvet,comfortable3CMthick withsoftskin-friendlywoolisabel marant sneakers   amazing shape.
Fashion wear twobootsdowndesign,theleftwas a bit ofasimplemouthopening, nozippercompletely covered, thedesignfully taken into accountwhenpeoplewalkergonomics, theheightofthezipperjustbelowthekneebend, so that walkingmorecomfortable and natural,nozipperbondagebootscanbetimelyto turn down, wear clothingdifferent kind ofcharm.
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