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Benefits of spinning?

Posted by Kristen D.

Another question about my new fitness center....they offer a "cycling" class, which is an indoor class on stationery bikes. I imagine it's the same thing as, or similar to, spinning, but I'll see soon enough. My question is about spinning. What are the benefits? And is it good for someone who has bigger thighs? No doubt my thighs are the way they are due to a lack of consistent focus on them in my exercise-which I want to change obviously. Do you think this would help?
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Burn the fat away. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying, but I've heard the reason spinning is so great is that it's an effective cardio routine that enables you to burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes. So while other exercises might take double the time to burn those calories, you're getting more bang for your buck while spinning.
The most incredible cardio workout. Spinning is great for the cardiovascualar system. It also tones and strengthens the legs. I however hate spinning classes. I literally feel like I'm going to die. That is probably a good reason to do it, but you won't find me spinning away, I just can't handle it!

I have been spinning for 3 months. I couldnt walk for 4 days after the first class. Now they call me an animal. It's an all over body work out and I am psyched to see the calorie burn numbers up there. (our classes are an hour long) :)

I know people who have horrible knees and can't do much else, but they manage to spin. Yep, it's hard to do. Yep, your body will hurt in places that you didn't know existed. That is what makes it so great though. Good luck to you. 

you will be sore, I would suggest riding a bike for a week prior to a spinning class.  At least use the muscles a bit so it's not so much of a shock for you. Spinning should help you breath easier, tone up and shed a few pounds if you don't splurge.
I am a spin Instructor and decided to get certified after being a student for a month. Besides running I find it to be the best cardio workout. I wear my heart rate monitor and it has a calorie counter on there...I burn close to 600 calories in the hour.
I started doing spinning about 2 months ago 2 or 3 x per week. I don't like stationary bikes. I was curious about spinning so i tried it. I am bigger on the bottom, thighs all that but i have seen incredible change in a short time. My legs now have a shape to them now quite sexy tighter thighs and calves. I have lost inches as well not so much weight on the scale but just by looking at me you know i must be doing something with my legs. I don't do the classes i just do the spin machine at the gym, it comes with a instructional video so i do the intervals. Love the results and it gives a great feeling of accomplishment. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to slim down their legs, tighten them at the same time.
I have injured knees and 3 crushed disks from an old figure skating injury...and I have found my perfect exercise that's not boring, and gives me the great workout I crave... SPINNING! It's a non-painful way to get in a fabulous session of an all-around workout for total body conditioning. Yes, it's a real mindgame to keep it up thru a very hard class...but after you're done and you hobble off that bike, you have a real accomplishment! I spin 3 times a week, am a mother of 5, and will continue to cycle indoors forever! A great positive about spinning indoors as opposed to biking outside, is that during the class, you can keep your eyes closed and drift to wherever your mind takes you without fear of crashing!! It's relaxing and grueling all at once...a perfect sport.
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