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North Fork dreams in memory of George Pringle Wright

In 1998 my good friend George died. He had battled cystic fibrosis and the complications that come with it since he was one year old. In his...

When you have almost died, eve ...

When you have almost died, everything in life looks a little bit brighter, a little bit shinyer and a little bit happier. Then you go to Maui and...

What's Next

Every year for the last 10 or so I have written goals and objectives for myself for the new year. The last two years those have been very very...

Outlive the Bastards

Billy posted something on facebook that made a memory come flooding back. His quote was "drink deep." Which brought to mind my favorite quote by...

The Toughest Person I know

For over a year I have had a link posted to Check on KK. That is Kelley Kalafatich. She is recoverinng from a terrible disease called transverse...

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