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Hi, my name is Molly.  Dx'd with MS in June 2011; a month prior to my 49th birthday.  1st neuro stated I have RRMS, a 2nd neuro I met with in Sept. 2011 told me I am PPMS.  This disease is so complex, which MS stage am I? Most of my info on MS is found via internet research..crazy.  Will joining an MS group at my local MS chapter and meeting other MS folks be better for one's well being/MS need to know than researching it in the 2nd dimension?
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I wanted to stop by and check in on you and wish you the best day you can possibly have.


P.S. Feel free to visit my page. The link above will take you too my Blog, but by clicking on my picture will take you to my wellspere page. 

Oct 22 2011 by sparklenut
Due to my foot drop, I'm using the Walk Aide - 30 day eval.  Truly a blessing :)  Body balance/stability, restoring mobility.  Fatique/tiredness is gone, energy level is 90% better.  Consider a trail period with Walk Aide if need be.    

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