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There are numerous things you can do for a warm up or cool down. Start by walking on a... more
Mar 09 2011 3:15pm
What I have found when working with clients is that when they are working out they feel... more
Mar 08 2011 10:31pm
This most likely due to your muscles are out of shape and are being strengthened in ways... more
Mar 08 2011 10:26pm
plica syndromes are rare and typically do not occur due to a chronic overuse. It is... more
Mar 08 2011 10:23pm
Attached to our feet are the muscles in our lower leg (calf muscle) and then they are... more
Mar 08 2011 10:18pm
Good vegetarian sources of omega-3 are dark leafy greens, walnuts and other nuts and... more
Mar 08 2011 10:01pm
I can only give you recommendation being that I am not ob/gyn, so this is by no means... more
Mar 08 2011 9:47pm
Check out for great vegetarian recipes or my blog... more
Mar 08 2011 9:10pm
Check out my article on Beyond the -ism: Defining Vegetarianim and... more
Mar 08 2011 9:08pm
There could many causes to his shin pain. Improperly fitted footwear typically tends... more
Mar 08 2011 8:10pm